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Trademark Use and Guidelines

Last Updated: September 14, 2023

Trademark Use and Guidelines

  1. Trademarks are adjectives used to modify nouns; the noun is the generic name of a product or service.

    Correct: Congratulations on completing your Nanodegree program.

    Not Correct: Congratulations on completing your Nanodegree.

  2. An appropriate generic term must always appear after the trademark.

    For example, generic terms associated with Nanodegree include: program, certificate, content, projects, coursework.

  3. As adjectives, trademarks may not be used in the plural or possessive form.

  4. Always spell and capitalize Udacity trademarks exactly as they are shown in the Udacity trademark list below.

  5. Do not shorten or abbreviate Udacity product names.

  6. Do not make up names that contain Udacity trademarks.

  7. The following is a non-exhaustive list of Udacity’s trademarks and service marks.

    • Udacity

    • Nanodegree

    • Gradiate

    • Know Labs

  8. In addition to the above-trademarks, Udacity has various registered logos, you may only use Udacity-approved artwork when using Udacity logos, please contact the Udacity marketing department in order to obtain authorized images or logos.

Additional Rules for Udacity marketing, collaboration and other affiliates

Udacity trademarks, logos and brand features are only to be used pursuant to this Trademark and Guidelines. Don't remove, distort or alter any element of a Udacity Brand Feature. That includes modifying a Udacity trademark, for example, through hyphenation, combination or abbreviation, such as: Udacious, Udacitissimo, Trudacity. Do not shorten, abbreviate, or create acronyms out of Udacity trademarks.

  • Don't display a Udacity Brand Feature as the most prominent element on your web page.

  • Don't display a Udacity Brand Feature in any manner that implies a relationship, partnership or affiliation with, sponsorship, or endorsement by Udacity, or that can be reasonably interpreted to suggest editorial content has been developed or authored by, or represents the views or opinions of Udacity (this includes listing Udacity or a Udacity Logo to indicate endorsement, partnership, affiliation, or sponsorship).

  • Don't display a Udacity Brand Feature on any website that contains or displays adult content, promotes gambling, involves the sale of tobacco or alcohol to persons under twenty-one years of age, or otherwise violates applicable law.

  • Don't display a Udacity Brand Feature in a manner that is in Udacity's sole opinion misleading, unfair, defamatory, infringing, libelous, disparaging, obscene or otherwise objectionable to Udacity (this is in no way meant to discourage criticism, opinion, or commentary).

  • Don't display a Udacity Brand Feature on a site that violates any law or regulation.

  • Don't frame or mirror any Udacity page).

  • Don't incorporate Udacity Brand Features into your own product name, service names, trademarks, logos, or company names.

  • Don't copy or imitate Udacity trade dress, including the look and feel of Udacity website design properties, distinctive color combinations, typography, graphic designs, product icons, or imagery associated with Udacity.

  • Don't adopt marks, logos, slogans, or designs that are confusingly similar to our Brand Features.

  • Don't use or register Udacity trademarks as or incorporated in social media account names, profiles, or monikers.

  • Don't register Udacity trademarks as second or third level domain names.

  • Don't use Udacity trademarks in a way that suggests a common, descriptive, or generic meaning.

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