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Employer Policy

Last Updated: September 14, 2023

If you are an employer, or an employee acting on your employer’s behalf and, accessing the Udacity website, you agree to respect the privacy of Udacity students on the Udacity platform and you agree that you will not disclose student-related information to third-parties or the public, or to collect, store or use any student information from the Udacity website for any other use then to provide students an opportunity to be placed in a new job with your employer.

You further agree (i) not to scrape or crawl the Udacity platform or website for student information, (ii) not to contact students with an offer for a product or service that is unrelated to placing of a student candidate in a new job, and (iii) to comply with the Udacity site Terms of Use and Privacy Policy in addition to the above terms and conditions.

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