Jan 23, 2019

Learn About the Android Development Studio

The Development Studio is a set of tools you can download to build apps that run on any Android device. The Android OS Development Studio is available, as of 2018, as a free download from Google. Then, to move ahead and learn Android SDK, which stands for software development kit, you have the option to explore on your own or sign up for an interactive course to guide you through the learning process like the Android basics Nanodegree program from Udacity. The advantage of signing up for an Android OS development tutorial is the reduced learning curve. You can start with a free course and jump right to the important skill-building tasks and skip the things you aren't ready for, saving them for when you're ready to move into more advanced programming for Android OS.

What Code Does Android Use?

Java is the code used in the official Android SDK. You can download an Android developer training PDF guide from the Development Studio to get started. Then, when you're ready to go deeper into your studies and development projects, you can learn about the platform architecture through and Android software development kit tutorial from Google or by joining an Udacity Android java framework course to become an Android developer.

Android Development Overview

As of January 2018, the Google Play store contained more than 3 million apps, and in the most recent numbers available, from 2016, over 90 billion apps were downloaded through the Play store, which was up from the 50 billion downloaded in 2015. This tells you, if you're considering app building as a career option, Android app development is a wide-open and rapidly expanding field. When you get started by creating a simple app, it gives you a bit of experience using some of the basic tools in the Development Studio, like the visual layout editor. The visual layout editor lets you see how your project will look on devices with different screen sizes.

Android App Development as a Career

App developers fall under the category of software developers, and according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, these jobs pay an average of $49.79 per hour or $103,560 per year. The job growth rate for this field is 24 percent, which is much faster than average. That rapid growth is expected to continue at least through 2026, which is exciting news for anyone who enjoys mixing creativity with technical knowledge to build apps that are exciting, fun, or useful. Many people working in this field have bachelor's degrees in an area like computer science, but anyone with strong computing skills and the drive to learn app building can break into this lucrative field.