Jan 23, 2019

The Best Website Development Tutorials

Analyzing the e-commerce revolution, it becomes obvious that well-designed websites remain an essential aspect of its success. Everything from online shopping to virtual banking relies on web designers and developers building a safe, reliable, and captivating experience for users. As such, the demand for talented web developers mirrors the overall growth in online commerce.

A recent study noted Java as the language of choice for back-end web development at 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies. Java, JavaScript, and HTML remain the top three programming languages in the industry. JavaScript gets used throughout the software engineering world for making web pages interactive.

With companies of all sizes searching for talented web programmers, it creates a great opportunity for your career. Finding the best website development tutorials is vital for getting the training you need for success. Let’s take a closer look.

How to Learn Web Designing Step-by-Step

Becoming a great web developer requires talent, inspiration, and an eye for detail. Earning a four-year college degree is not necessarily part of this equation. It’s possible to find web development tutorials suitable for both beginners as well as advanced development professionals.

Companies want to hire candidates with talent in addition to a strong desire to learn new skills. Someone who takes the initiative to learn web development in any way possible resides squarely within their wheelhouse. Ultimately, finding the right web developer tutorial is the best way to start your journey as a programmer.

An Introduction to Web Development

If you are completely new to the art of programming, the Udacity Nanodegree program intro to programming gives you the basics. Learning both HTML and CSS helps you start crafting the professional web pages used throughout the industry. It provides a great intro to your web development training.

Build upon your efforts with the front-end web developer program. In this course, you begin to add JavaScript to your page designs giving them the interactivity today’s users want. You also learn how the document object model (DOM) helps make web page programming easier.

Finish off your training with the full-stack web developer nanodegree program. You get to build highly-scalable eCommerce sites with the ability to persist information in a SQL database. Add to your JavaScript skills while also learning how to manage your code in GitHub.

Finishing all three courses helps take your fledgling web developer career into overdrive. All from showing the initiative to find a few website creation tutorials. Expect those industry recruiters to start knocking on your door.