Jan 23, 2019

Learn About the Features of the New Android Watch

A new Android watch running the Wear operating system (OS) has a unique interface when compared to previous Android watch versions. It's designed to run on smaller devices, and it has hands-free capabilities that are built for simplicity. Many of the device's most useful features are available at a glance. It mainly sends notifications from your phone to your wrist. That means you don't have to keep checking your phone to see the latest news from your social media accounts. You also don't have to get your phone out to find out if you have new email messages to check.

Android Wear Features

A smartwatch has the capability to fill the role of a personal assistant. However, the specific features of the individual watch you choose affect the capabilities it offers. These smartwatches let you see information without getting your phone out. They are, however, dependent on the presence of your phone unless you choose one that has integrated LTE or GPS. If you have the LTE version, you can ask Google to open a website for you or make a call through the smartwatch interface. Classic fitness-tracking functions are built into the Android Wear 2.0 OS. Plus, you can use the Google Play store to download apps that enhance its capabilities even more. You can use Tinder, check your Facebook messages, and see if you have new emails by glancing at your wrist.

Smartwatch 2 Android Wear

This wearable technology has its early roots in fitness gear, although it's moved far beyond that. Fitness trackers monitored vital stats like your heart rate and the temperature of your skin as well as your movements. This made it easier than ever to record the intensity of workout sessions and things like how many steps you took each day or the distance you covered during a long walk or a run. With estimates that sales of these devices will have passed 100 million units by 2019, this is an ideal time to consider training to work in a field that caters to smartwatch wearers. Services like programming and developing apps for wearable tech are fields with exponential growth potential.

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