Jan 23, 2019

Learn iPhone Development With Xcode Tutorials for Mac

You recently took a How to Create an iPhone App tutorial. The material provided some insight on iOS development as well as a Swift application example. With your interest piqued, it’s now time to dive deeper into Apple’s mobile platform and modern programming language.

What Is Xcode?

The best Swift tutorials also offer an overlook of Xcode for beginners. Xcode is the integrated development environment (IDE) used for programming on the iOS platform. With Xcode, you are able to write code in Swift or Objective-C and ultimately build your own iPhone and iPad apps. The IDE application is available for the Mac.

Beyond writing code and compiling it into a mobile application, Xcode also includes a screen design tool used for constructing user interfaces for iPhone and iPad apps. This is an important feature, as Apple’s line of mobile devices feature a multitude of screen sizes. Your app needs to look great on everything from a smaller iPhone to the largest iPad Pro.

Building the Best iOS App Possible

Xcode also provides a useful emulator for running your mobile app on a virtual iOS device within the IDE. This is a great way to test your user interface on different iPhones and iPads without having access to each hardware device. The IDE also lets you test the app on an actual smartphone or tablet connected to your Mac.

The included profiler tool is used for optimizing the performance of your app. You are able to get under the hood to find issues with memory leaks and those dreaded bugs. A perfectly running app is only one prerequisite for being accepted at the iTunes App Store.

Top Notch iOS Development Training for Your Career

After trying out a few Swift projects for beginners, it becomes obvious that learning more about Xcode is an essential part of any career as a mobile app programmer. Check out the UdacityBecome an iOS Developer [https://www.udacity.com/course/ios-developer-nanodegree--nd003] Nanodegree program to learn the basics on both iOS programming and the Xcode IDE. The tutorial offers a thorough primer to get you started on Swift and Xcode.

When you are ready for a more advanced tutorial, peruse the options in the Udacity Catalog [https://www.udacity.com/courses/all] for learning more about iOS development. For example, a search of catalog reveals a detailed Nanodegree program covering Xcode Debugging. This is an essential skill making you more productive and successful as an iOS developer.

Whatever your goals for learning about iOS or even Android programming, a partnership with Udacity makes sense. You’ll find the right training to get you started and take your development career to a higher level.