Jan 23, 2019

How to Make a Mobile Game App

Building your own game app can lead to hours of fun as well as money in your pocket. Mobile gaming is a $50 billion industry, and in 2017, more than 80 percent of all app revenue from Apple iOS and Google Play Android was earned through mobile gaming apps, according to Mediakix. It's easy to see that learning how to make a mobile game app is a valuable skill to have.

Types of Mobile Game Apps

Game apps come in all types and appeal to a variety of audiences. Here are some options to think about when you're learning how to develop a game app:

  • Action Games: plenty of fast-paced gameplay (Critical Ops, Halfbrick Studios)
  • Casino Games: earn money while playing slots or poker (WorldWinner, Slotomania)
  • Racing Games: adventure and action are combined with a racing theme (Asphalt 9: Legends, Real Racing 3)
  • Puzzle Games: require reasoning skills to solve problems (Sudoku, Draw Something)
  • Matching Puzzle: link up matching objects to solve puzzles (Candy Crush, Bejeweled)
  • Augmented Reality: virtual images are superimposed on real-world objects (Pokémon GO, Crime Scene by AandE)
  • Building Simulation: construct cities from scratch (SimCity BuildIt, Fallout Shelter)
  • Role Playing Games (RPGs): you as the player take on the role of a character and move through his or her story (Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition, Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth)

How to Develop a Game App

Not only is this skill highly marketable, but it's also fairly easy to obtain. You can find tutorials and courses online that teach you how to make a game app for free on iPad, take advantage of free game-making software for Android, and become an iPhone game programmer, for example.

Programs such as Andromo, Stencyl, and ApplyGEN teach you how to make a game app without coding. Hopscotch is iPad app design software especially for kids to build their own game apps on the iOS platform. And some of the best mobile gaming app development software for Android and iOS include GameSalad, GameMaker: Studio, and FlowLab.

Learn How to Monetize Your Mobile Game App With Udacity

Udacity offers a variety of coding and programming courses and nanodegree programs to teach you from the basics on up to giving you job-ready skills in the technology field. Before you develop your mobile game app, Udacity recommends taking the free, three-week course, Engagement and Monetization | Mobile Games. Instead of these two critical aspects being an afterthought of your game, learn from the beginning how to make your mobile game stand out from the multitude of competitors and give players reason to pay for game features.