Jan 23, 2019

Best Python Tutorials

There's a reason Python is such a popular programming language. Anyone who wants to work in video game development or graphic user interfaces (GUIs) needs a solid foundation in Python, but that's not the only reason to find the best Python tutorial PDF or otherwise. This programming language is versatile, straightforward, and relatively easy to learn. It offers agile design that lets you code quickly even while you're building complex applications, and Python developer salaries are consistently high. According to Indeed, the average annual salary is more than $117,000. These are all strong reasons to start learning Python soon. To help get you started, we rounded up some of the best Python tutorials.

LinkedIn Learning

When you sign up for LinkedIn Learning, you get 30 free days to watch expert tutorials, take online courses, and connect with the LinkedIn community on your time and schedule. Popular online video Python tutorials — all taught by expert instructors — include:

  • Python essential training
  • Python for Data scientists
  • Programming foundations
  • Learning Python

The Python Software Foundation

The Python Software Foundation offers the official tutorial, complete with all the basics. This is a terrific option for those starting out and looking for free, open-source tutorial with links to a library, language reference for formal definitions and a simple guide to using Python for object-oriented programming.

Real Python

Working developers are behind the creation of Real Python, an introductory tutorial geared toward beginners. This diverse resource has tutorials on everything from the basics to web development and data visualization.

Python for Beginners

Offered by The Python Guru, this beginner-level course provides an overview of fundamentals like lambda and regular expressions. It also provides a tutorial on accessing MySQL dB with Python.

Vertabelo Academy

If you're looking for an interactive tutorial, the one offered by Vertabelo Academy is a valid option. It makes learning Python easy with an integrated interpreter that lets you complete all the lessons without installing Python first.


While there are many online option for learning Python, Udacity's free course, programming foundations with Python might be among your best options. It's offered as part of a Udacity Nanodegree program or on its own. This 6-week introductory course gives you key object-oriented programming skills with hands-on learning opportunities, mini projects that get you career-ready, and self-paced curriculum headed by top-notch industry professionals. Within 6 weeks, you'll gain a solid foundation in the skills you need to start coding, reuse and share code and create outstanding projects.

Choose the best Python tutorial for you and start learning today. One way is to browse through the Udacity catalog to find a course that will propel you forward to achieve the career you want.