Jan 23, 2019

Learning to Program Helps Your Career

The currently thriving economy also increases the demand for computer programmers. This illustrates how computers and software reside at the heart of the global marketplace. Online shopping websites and interactive mobile banking apps are only two examples of software that drive economic growth all over the world.

If the concept of a career as a software engineer intrigues you, understand that learning to program is a relatively easy process. Sure, earning a bachelor’s degree in computer science helps achieve this goal. But there are other ways to learn how to write software. Perhaps a focused training program makes more sense for your career goals.

A Hot Job Market for Software Engineering Talent

Consider the fact that unemployment for software developers stood at less than two percent at the end of 2017. This is less than half the already low rate of four percent in 2011. In short, software engineering provides you with a great career that rarely suffers from a weak economy.

Because of this historically high demand for programming talent, companies are foregoing their usual requirement for a computer science degree among their software engineering candidates. Someone who boasts the drive and initiative for learning software programming now attracts their recruiters. This makes a training program a valid way to learn the skills you need for success.

Training in the Software Programming Basics

Depending on your current exposure to software engineering, finding an introductory programming course is a great way to get started. Udacity offers an Intro to Programming Nanodegree program specifically for those new to the practice of computer programming. Expect to receive a grounding in the basics, allowing you to choose an area of specialization based on your interests.

Intro to Programming introduces both HTML and CSS, which are the markup languages used to craft attractive web pages. You learn how to ensure a website looks great in any web browser. The course also includes Python, a modern language growing in popularity that’s suitable for the web as well as other types of software engineering.

Decide Your Programming Specialization

While some veteran programmers work in multiple disciplines, specializing in one area is wise for someone new to the practice. If web programming excites you, consider taking Udacity's Front-End Web Developer Nanodegree program, where you get to expand on your nascent HTML skills. Mobile developers are also in demand, so maybe the Become an iOS Developer program is a better choice. As part of the course, you get to build an iPhone app that's ready to submit to the App Store.

Whatever your ultimate specialization, there’s no denying that learning computer software programming ends up being very good for your career prospects.