Jan 4, 2019

Why Is Java Programming Language Important?

Java was developed in 1995 by Sun Microsystems, and the software was subsequently taken over by Oracle. It's an open-source program that's free and is considered to be among one of the best programming languages available. The program is object oriented, and Java is easy to learn. Java is found in many applications, including in navigation systems, mobile devices, and financial trading systems. Programmers who are proficient in Java are in great demand.

What Is Java?

Java is first and foremost a programming language. While superficially similar to C, it differs in that it's object oriented. Because it has been around for so long, many tools and resources have been developed to help programmers, and these can be found on Java programming sites and through Java learning resources. Java coding software encourages a logical approach that helps programmers think their programs through. One of the interesting aspects about Java is that it runs in its own run-time environment, which means it's easy to move Java applications from one platform to another.

Where Is Java Used?

According to Oracle, Java is used on more than three billion devices. It's a core component of Android and Android Developers use it for writing apps. It's a key part of big data mining software such as Hadoop and Hbase. Numerous other software tools are written in Java, and the financial services industry uses Java for trading applications. Free Java coding software is frequently embedded in devices such as smart cards and sensors.

Java Is the Most Frequently Used Programming Language in the World

According to software quality company Tiobe, Java is still one of the world's most popular programming languages, alongside C and Python. Reasons for this popularity include user friendliness, high-level capabilities, and the ability to run on many different platforms. These are important factors for someone who wants to learn to code Java.

Learning the Basics of Java

Because Java is free, it's possible to learn how to code in Java using free programming tutorials. Numerous sites offer free Java training with videos available for learning. Although online training is a good way to learn how to program Java, the lack of feedback and guidance inhibits the learning process.

It's better to enroll in a course that offers core Java training as part of the curriculum and to learn Java programming in a step-by-step fashion, which is the case when you enroll for an Android basics course.

Using Java as a Stepping Stone

Once you've completed a Java online certification course, your certificate can be used as a stepping stone when applying for jobs, and prospective employers can be sure you have been well trained. Alternatively, use your credits to access higher level courses to become a mobile web specialist. Visit Udacity to find out more about courses that teach you how to start coding in Java.