Jan 15, 2019

Enroll in a Udacity Data Scientist Nanodegree Program

The increasingly wired world that exists today means that there is an immense amount of data out there that needs to be handled. It’s data that needs to be mined, analyzed and interpreted for thousands of companies and institutions, and it’s the reason why qualified data scientists are in high demand.

Year over year, jobs for data scientists are growing by 45 percent. However, tech skill sets haven’t kept up with the demand, causing a talent gap. When you complete an Udacity data scientist nanodegree program, you become the solution to the tech talent shortage experienced by companies across a range of industries.

Learn Valuable Data Analysis Skills

Machine learning combines computer science and statistics to help computer systems learn from data so that companies can make important forecasts. Udacity’s catalog lists data science courses that teach students machine learning algorithms among other disciplines. It’s a crucial skill set for any job that involves culling refined predictions and trends from raw data, including the positions of data scientist and data analyst.