Jan 16, 2019

What Is the Python Programming Language?

Python is a programming language that uses recognizable syntax. It's freely available, and you can download and install it on any computer. The program is object oriented, and it's relatively easy to learn Python programming from scratch.

The History of the Development of Python

Python was developed by Guido Van Rossum, who was looking for a programming language that had ease of the ABC programming language but with greater capabilities. It was named after the comedian troupe Monty Python. The guiding philosophy is that coding in Python should be simple, extendable, and fun. The 2018 version is Python 3.6, although the earlier version 2.7 is still in use.

Learning to Program with Python

Numerous tutorials are available for beginners. There's even a Python tutorial for kids. The important thing is to practice it every day. There's a lot of documentation on the official Python site to help you, including advanced Python tutorials. Taking a basic online course is also a great way to learn Python at your pace.

Learn Coding in Python with Programming for Data Science

Although you may be fascinated by programming, it's not always easy to develop real-world applications. One way to overcome this barrier and learn Python fast is to learn Python 3 online. Do this by registering for a Nanodegree program in Programming for Data Science. Apart from knowing how to use computers, there are no other prerequisites. You can learn Python coding online while also studying other basic tools for data manipulation such as SQL, Terminal, and Git.

Web Development Using Python

You can use Python to develop web applications. A web application is software that runs on a server accessed through an internet browser. Examples of how to use Python include applications such as Instagram, Facebook, and Flickr, but you can also build a web application on your school's intranet. When you're proficient, use Python with Django to build websites. Look for a course that provides Python learning videos to help you better visualize a project.

Become a Data Scientist

Data scientists are in short supply and in great demand. Apart from performing data manipulation, a data scientist discovers patterns and trends in unstructured data so that companies find better ways to meet consumers' needs. Data scientists also develop machine learning tools that help computer systems understand your preferences.

Understand the Intricacies of AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is another captivating field. The development of driverless cars and trains that use AI to navigate is often in the news. If you're interested in the stock market, consider studying in a course like Artificial Intelligence for Trading. You can learn how to build trading models that monitor markets and predict the best time to invest in or sell stocks.

Python online training is a great way to start down the road to becoming a fully fledged data scientist or learn how to use the language to develop artificial intelligence. Find out more in the Udacity Catalog.