Jan 16, 2019

What Do Software Designers Do and How Do I Become One?

Almost everything we do requires the use of a computer. Without software designers, that wouldn't be possible. Computer hardware is useless without software to tell it how to operate, which includes everything from operating systems and in-house software at various businesses to word processing programs and games you play at home. A computer software designer is responsible for creating a program that meets the computing needs of a business or individual, mapping out a plan for that software, and providing the information to a computer programmer so he can write the code for it. He may also write the guide to the completed software.

Education and Background for Software Designers

If you're thinking about a software design career, it's never too early to prepare for your future. Even high school students can get ahead by taking computer science, math, and technology classes. If the computer classes you take don't directly relate to software design, they'll provide you with knowledge you can use in the future. Understanding as much as possible about computers is something employers look for when hiring you for this position.

Earn a job without a college degree by taking as many software design classes as possible. During your downtime, you can learn even more about the software design career path by taking some of the related courses offered in the Udacity Catalog. Certifications, Nanodegree programs, and any other computer-related coursework look great on your resume.

Consider applying for an internship with a company that specializes in software design. In some cases, getting to know those employers through these types of relationships can lead to an entry-level job.

It's important for software designers to have other skills beyond computer knowledge. Communication skills are important because you may have to present your ideas to your boss, colleagues or private clients. You'll also work with programmers, graphic artists, and the Digital Marketing team when turning an idea for new software into a reality. If you work in a place that creates specialized software, your employer will likely want to see that you have a background in or some knowledge of that industry. For example, those who make educational software may prefer designers with a background in teaching or working with children, while a bank may want someone who understands finance. Most designers start out as programmers and work towards a promotion within five years. The growth in the industry means jobs in this space will remain in high demand.