Jan 8, 2019

Best JavaScript Frameworks

JavaScript libraries and frameworks make life easier for front-end developers who want to take an existing concept or structure and adapt it to their needs. While libraries consist of components that can be seen as individual building blocks, frameworks are essentially the structure of a building that you then customize and finish in your own way. Most frameworks include JavaScript libraries, but an individual library won't be as robust as an entire framework.

So which are the best JavaScript frameworks? The different types of JavaScript frameworks are often useful for different purposes, but in general, there are some that are more popular than others. If you want to get a job as a front-end web developer, it may be helpful to start out by learning the most popular frameworks. This will make it easier to get comfortable with more specialized JavaScript frameworks later down the road.


React is one of the most widely used JavaScript UI frameworks. Developed and maintained by developers at Facebook, React is focused on user interface construction. It's so widely used that it actually has become quite complex in ways, as associated libraries and other parts of the ecosystem require a bit of study and on-boarding to understand. The flip side of this is that this JavaScript framework is so in demand with businesses that studying React as part of a nanodegree course can actually be a good move for your career, especially if you're looking to specialize. The fact that React has good corporate support means it will likely continue to thrive.


While React functions as a UI framework, Angular is a full-featured framework designed for broader use. Angular also presents some challenges for beginners, in part because it is an opinionated framework, which means it's structured according to best practices assumptions made by the people who created it. It also uses TypeScript (an object-oriented language) as its development language, so people who don't have a background with this kind of programming may need to do some additional work to understand how to use Angular. Angular is an older framework than React, and it's in wide use, but it's not being adopted by new users as much as it was when it was newer on the scene. This is the reality with just about anything in the front-end development world. The web changes, and so do the technologies we use to develop it.

It's important to note that Angular and AngularJS are two different frameworks. AngularJS is the precursor to Angular, so if you're looking for an updated framework, you should work with Angular. Note the name when you start your research to make sure that you are on track.