Jan 23, 2019

Information About the Average Website Designer Salary

Website designers, or web developers, envision and create websites. They earn an average salary of $67,990 per year or $32.69 per hour according to the 2017 statistics released by the Bureau of Labor Standards. Web design career opportunities are growing at a rate that's much faster than average, and this trend is expected to continue through at least 2026 for those interested in beginning a web design career. That makes this an ideal time for you to jump into this field if you're interested in working on projects that require both creativity and technical know-how.

Web Developer Work Environment

The majority of website designers are engaged in full-time work. Most of the work is performed while seated or standing at a computer work station. However, laptops and mobile technology enable some freedom of movement and location for some developers who are enjoying careers in website design. About 17 percent of web designers work for computer systems design services and related technology services. Do you want a job where you can work for yourself? Website design is ideally suited to freelance work, with approximately 16 percent of web developers working as self-employed independent contractors. Others work in industries like publishing, scientific endeavors, technical consulting, and advertising companies.

What Degree Do You Need to Be a Web Designer?

The typical education level for a website designer is an associate's degree, but there are a lot of variables. Some web developers have a high school education combined with specialized training and certifications in the computer programming industry while others have more advanced degrees. Your body of work, or portfolio, is more important in many cases than the degree you hold in this field. The specific website building programs you're able to operate also come into play, and you can learn all about these in your coursework from Udacity if you decide this field is the right one for you. There are two main areas you need to understand and excel at to become a successful website designer. Those areas are programming and graphic design.

Careers in web design and development provide opportunities for creative and meaningful work. If you're ready to pick up some more web developer info so you can check out the opportunities in this wide-open field, get started by checking out the information and offerings in the Udacity Catalog, like the Mobile Web Specialist nanodegree program. Or, get a jump start on your website design career with our Front-End Web Developer course.