Jan 23, 2019

Udacity's Free Online Courses

Getting started in the IT field or learning new tech skills to advance your career is easy when you study online for free. Udacity offers intense, immersive nanodegree programs for a fee, but it also gives you an entire catalog of free online courses with qualifications that are relevant to today's and tomorrow's growing tech field. Here's just a small sample of what you can gain through Udacity.

School of Artificial Intelligence

AI is one of the fastest growing technologies. It's estimated that 2.3 million jobs will open up by 2020. Udacity's online learning platform is a convenient way to budget your time to learn these highly marketable skills. Enroll in Udacity's free Intro to Artificial Intelligence to see if the field's a good match for you, and continue with nearly 30 more free courses including robotics, machine learning, Apache Storm, and Hadoop.

School of Autonomous Systems

Top engineers in the field of autonomous vehicles earn $300K to $500K per year, and the industry is set to grow over the next four years. Start your training with free online education courses for adults that go over fundamentals of self-driving, differential equations, and Apollo.

School of Business

Free e-learning courses in Udacity's School of Business teach you how to build a startup as well as understand product design, app monetization and marketing, rapid prototyping, and using analytics and forecasting for smart business decisions. These foundational courses may inspire you to further hone your business prosperity through a nanodegree program in Digital Marketing, Google AdWords, or Design Sprint Foundations.

School of Data Science

The power of big data is spearheading the increased demand for data scientists as well as driving the average salary for a data scientist up. Learn online free to make a career change, discover if data science is the field for you, or add new strengths to your existing skill set. Udacity's free data science courses include Intro to Data Science, Intro to Data Analysis, SQL for Data Analysis, Intro to Inferential Statistics, and Data Analysis and Visualization.

School of Programming

Programming is a skill that will remain in high demand long into the future. Discover your programming niche through Udacity's IT courses online for free. You might start with What Is Programming? to get your feet wet and progress through various programming languages such as CSS, Python, HTML, JavaScript, C++, Swift, and a whole lot more.