Jan 22, 2019

What is Algebra 2 and Where Can It Take You?

Are you looking forward to a fun, creative, and important role in the digital information and technology industry? You probably already know that some complex math fundamentals come as prerequisites to the more advanced computing courses, like artificial intelligence for trading. So just what is algebra 2? For that matter, what is algebra 1? These are high school-level math courses that organize mathematical problems into a combination of letters, numbers, and other symbols within equations. When you've mastered an algebra 2 course, you'll be ready to take on the world of big data, software design, and data analysis in jobs like the ones discussed here.

1. Teacher

This one might seem a little obvious, but it's still valid. For students who want to become teachers, a strong foundation in all subjects is very important. You'll be covering the workloads of absent colleagues from time to time and making yourself an integral part of the school system. Algebra can help you connect with students who need some extra help and might happen to prefer your teaching style over those of other teachers.

2. Nutritionist

When it comes to nutrition, numbers are never very far away. Every food and drink item has a number value, and every physical activity like running, sitting, or gardening has its own equation. If you want to understand how the body interacts with food and how body mass, fat, and health are affected by food and exercise, you'll be surrounded by numbers, charts, and mathematical equations every day.

3. Doctor or Pharmacist

There's more to prescribing and providing medicines than scribbling on a notepad and handing over a bottle of pills. Doctors need to know how a patient's body weight, age, and other medications interact with the prescription and ensure that they're prescribing the proper dosage. Pharmacists need to double-check any dosage that seems peculiar and then measure each compound exactly before handing it to a patient.

4. Business Analyst

Algebra 2 is a gateway to computer science that allows you to program software or become a machine learning engineer. With the right skill set, you can join the finance industry or advise business leaders on the future of their companies based on data analysis.

5. Civil Engineer

As a civil engineer, you're responsible for overseeing important infrastructure maintenance on roads, bridges, ferries, and buildings within a specific populated area. Using algebra, civil engineers calculate the strength and durability of structures that people use every day in cities and rural areas.

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