Jan 23, 2019

Network Technology Careers

You're the person everyone at work comes to with questions and help with their technology. You enjoy technology and want to expand your skills to a full career. Take that talent for technology and become an official IT professional. But where should you start? And what is network technology and what careers does it cover? Network technology covers a broad range of careers related to computer network systems. Computer network systems are used in nearly every business and the demand for professionals skilled to maintain these systems is high. Udacity offers a clear path to the next level and a way to quickly get to the next level. The Udacity catalog offers free courses and Nanodegree programs that help you expand your skills and move into that new position.

What is Network Technology?

Just as your offices are connected by phone, your computers are also connected. Using a specific technology infrastructure, a network connects a variety of systems across locations. Networks can be local, wireless, cover wide areas, and even be dedicated to storage. Networks might exist only in one building, or across a city, and even across the country. This networking system is complex and therefore requires network professionals to install, maintain, and provide help and service to those using the network. A network is vital to most businesses as it allows the users to connect regardless of geographical location and isn't limited by time.

Network technology professionals are naturally in high demand since there are few businesses that operate without this type of system. Smaller companies often outsource service for networking while larger companies usually have entire departments dedicated to maintain its networks. Network professionals could even be on call as if the system goes down, as it is important to resolve issues quickly to avoid downtime for the organization. Administrators run the departments in charge of the networks and in addition to technical skills, require management skills. Jobs in this field include systems analysts, network technicians, telecommunication specialists, and technicians. Computer and networking skills are obviously required, but it is also important to stay on top of ever changing technologies.

Udacity offers a variety of courses that allow you to hone your skills and get into the workplace quickly. Courses range in the skill level required and some are offered for free. Each course outlines the timeline necessary for completion. Explore the Udacity Catalog for nanodegrees that help grow your knowledge and skills.