Jan 17, 2019

Learn Website Design

Every website you've visited was designed by people with special skills. While you may not currently have the knowledge required to code a custom website, you'd be surprised at how far you can go with even a basic web design tutorial. Explore how to learn web design at home so you can unlock your potential and join the lucrative front-end web developer or mobile web specialist career fields.

Can You Learn Web Design on Your Own?

Is it possible to learn how to build websites without any help? Yes, but using website design tutorials for free won't always give you the details you'll need to succeed in a professional setting. A basic HTML and CSS website design tutorial can teach you how to make very basic websites, but free website tutorials won't give you additional support if you have questions, and they also won't set you up for success in building a portfolio.

Professional web design tutorial classes that involve interaction with instructors and other students are a better way to go when it comes to learning the fundamentals of website design. Simply watching a website design video tutorial without getting to discuss what you've seen or do reinforcing exercises put together by professionals is an unnecessarily challenging way to try to learn this new skill.

The Benefits of Taking Website Design Classes

Free tutorials that teach web design basics like HTML usually give just enough information to make a very basic website (something that looks like it's straight from the late '90s). The best website tutorials go further than this, training website design professionals in a range of other languages and programs. For example, a good professional website design tutorial includes in-depth coursework on Javascript, which is one of the most in-demand programming languages for professionals.

Each building block of web design learning gets more complex. If you learn HTML on your own, the rest might seem like it'll be a breeze. But you'll need to learn CSS if you want to style that very basic website you've coded up. CSS can be quite confusing, and even something like centering a block of text on your webpage might require some extra explanation. Free web page design tutorials might help a little, but it's best to get in-depth explanation from someone with professional experience in the field as you get more advanced. That way, you know your website tutorials are designed with industry best practices in mind so you can both understand correctly and get on the right track to get a job in the field.

What to Look for in Web Designing Tutorials for Beginners

The first step toward web design success is to make sure you take the right course for your level of knowledge. If you've never done anything related to website design before and you don't even know what HTML, CSS, and Javascript are, you should probably start with an introductory class aimed at complete beginners. This level of easy website tutorial may not be enough to get you an advanced front-end developer job, but it can be a good first step toward a career as a freelance web designer.

The best web design tutorials for a more advanced career are aimed at a more intermediate level than HTML and CSS alone. These interactive web design tutorials may require that you have some familiarity with HTML and CSS to make sure you're comfortable with the coursework. If you've taken free design website tutorials in the past, you may actually know enough to feel comfortable in these more advanced courses.