Jan 2, 2019

In-Demand Jobs that Require Python

Python is one of most basic and necessary programming languages you'll learn in this decade. It's an object-oriented type of coding with design meant to include plenty of whitespace so that reading and interpretation is as easy as possible. The best Python tutorial video or best Python MOOC is the one that shows you how to maximize functionality with simple coding. The Google Python tutorial is a great place to start, as are the MIT online courses. Once you're fully trained in Python language, you'll be eligible to work in a variety of in-demand programming positions to create numeric and scientific programs, web development with email processing, and complex ecommerce platforms.

Automation Designer

In this role, you'll design automated processes to meet the needs of your clients or company. An example would be to program automatic, instant purchase order completion at the click of a website button.

Full-Stack Developer

As a full-stack web developer, you'll be responsible for the entire programming package, from clients and databases to server and engineering maintenance.

Augmented Reality Developer

Augmented reality is the integration of digital data into the real-time, physical experiences of the end user. Think Google Glass.

Software Developer

Software developers need to connect with clients to understand their technical needs, then design a theoretical program to fulfill that need. They provide leadership and problem solving to the programming team.

Software Engineer

Software engineers have jobs very similar to that of software developers, except they are more hands-on with the necessary coding. This role involves taking designs and making them a reality.

Devops Engineers

Interested in all aspects of information technology? Devops engineers learn all aspects of the programming and client-facing process and oversee a team, providing support and troubleshooting.

Research Scientist

Research science relates primarily to data acquisition and interpretation, which can be applied to everything from marketing to health services. This role requires you to collect and organize data for a variety of specific purposes related to each client. You'll need to conceive of research models and outline the best ways to collect high-quality data for processing.

Chief Technology Officer

Programmers with the ability to problem solve and provide positive results quickly might consider a position as CTO of a company. As the chief technology officer, you'll be able to use your skills to oversee the entire IT department and keep employees producing their best.

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