Jan 9, 2019

What Learning iOS Programming Languages Can Do For You

Apple's iPhone was one of the first smartphones available, and it revolutionized the programming world. Its iOS operating system let people play games, network, and stay organized on the go, and a world of possibilities opened up for creating apps for Apple devices. Today, iOS apps still make up a huge chunk of the mobile market, which is constantly growing. By learning iOS programming, you can create your own apps, open up new job possibilities, and possibly advance your current career.

What Programming Language Is Used for iPhone Apps?

There are two languages that are commonly used in iOS programming: Objective-C and Swift. Objective-C is the dominant language based on the C programming language, and Apple originally used it in its own native apps. It deals well with the displays on iOS devices and is very stable. Swift is a newer language that is growing in popularity, and in many cases, it is replacing Objective-C. It is more powerful and more secure than its predecessor. If you develop iOS apps, you can choose one of these two languages or use them both to take advantage of their respective strengths.

Which Is the Best iOS Programming Language for Beginners?

While both languages can help you become an iOS developer, Swift is the easier of the two to learn. Plus, it's growing in popularity, which means that more employers are looking for coders who can work with it. It's a good idea to learn both, but if you start with one, start with Swift. Many Udacity nanodegree programs in iOS development teach you how to use Swift.

Which Other Skills Are Handy for iOS Development?

Swift and Objective-C are essential tools for programming iOS apps from scratch. However, Apple also offers a great software development kit (SDK) that can help you out as you learn to code iOS apps. The SDK is a handy Apple app development tool that automates a lot of the processes involved in iOS programming, which saves you both time and frustration. Still, you should learn at least one Apple app language so you know how your apps work and how you can customize them.

Although it's not essential for learning to develop iOS-specific apps, HTML5 can be a useful tool for developers. This markup language can help you build web apps that display well on mobile devices, which comes in handy if you want to make both a web version and an iOS version of your app. If you want to get hands-on experience in developing web apps, check out Udacity's Mobile Web Specialist nanodegree program.

Can You Use the Same Languages to Make Android Apps?

The Android operating system is built on a different framework than iOS, so you need to know different programming languages to build apps for it. Java is one of the most popular Android development languages options, so you should learn Java mobile programming alongside an iOS language if you want to develop apps for both operating systems.

What Job Opportunities Are Available for iOS Developers?

Jobs for developing iOS apps are in high demand. An iOS developer finds work developing mobile apps for digital agencies, a variety of industries, and startup companies. They also create their own apps and upload them to the Apple App Store. If you want to stay in your current career, learning iOS development can also be beneficial. With iOS language skills, you can develop your own apps to use on the job or to help engage your company with its customers.