Jan 23, 2019

Open New Tech Career Doors with a Big Data Tutorial

There are a million places the Udacity Nanodegree program can take you and another million ways it can change the way you see the world. Start with a big data tutorial that can give you an understanding of how companies store and use data and how data researchers, programmers, and company administrators work with that information. Here are some of the top jobs you can look forward to when working with big data.

1. Big Data Engineer

One of the first outcomes of studying big data tutorial videos and courses is the possibility of securing a job as a big data engineer. In this role, you take raw, unprocessed data and create analyses and reports that various company departments can use. You have to be creative enough to handle awkward data sets and fine-tune collection and processing software to suit your needs.

2. Database Developer

Databases are everywhere, and they're growing at unprecedented rates. Companies are collecting information on clients, competitors, employees, products, tools, and anything that they interact with on a regular basis, and someone needs to make sure all that data gets organized and stored properly. As a database developer, you use your programming skills to create finely tuned data-collection and -processing software.

3. Data Scientist

Data scientists are integral to digital marketing campaigns, internal company analysis, statistical projections, and other data-driven results. You'll be well-versed in database management, research, and program tweaking to use a variety of data for company projects like product troubleshooting and searching for market niches.

4. Big Data Solutions Architect

As a solutions architect, your role is to oversee and guide a team of programmers and data specialists, taking charge of projects as they are presented to you. That means taking control of analysis, architectural design, testing, technical troubleshooting, and team management.

5. Chief Data Officer

Just as a junior accountant may aspire to one day become the chief financial officer of a great company, a well-trained big data specialist can aspire to the position of chief data officer. This role involves working directly with company executives and large clients plus department managers to ensure excellent standards in data processing throughout the company.

Start with the Nanodegree programs at Udacity to see where your interest and talents in the digital information spectrum can take you. You can be sure that any skill development in big data is applicable immediately to a wide range of jobs, both in the information technology industry or a supportive, administrative role. Use your big data knowledge to help organize a small office or to completely rework a massive program structure with a large company.