Jan 16, 2019

What Is Interior Design Software and Freeware?

Interior design involves planning the way space is used in a home or any kind of building and putting together designs that add eye-catching appeal. It includes coming up with the design of the building, establishing floor plans, choosing furniture layouts, and adding design elements like color and texture. Interior design software and freeware are useful planning tools because they let you see options with the click of your mouse. Learn more about ways to use this handy design tool and the career options that open up for you when you have command of it after earning an Udacity Nanodegree. Check out these types of Interior design and architecture software that can help you out on the job.

Google Interior Design Software

Google's interior design software is called SketchUp, and it's a useful entry-level 3D modeling tool that provides an intuitive interface that's fun to use. It isn't just for beginners, however. There are advanced features that let you create anything from the landscaping to the interior and exterior of a building. You can use this kind of 3D floor plans software to add realistic shapes to your designs, and you can change the height, length, and angle of your designs with the software's integrated design tools.

House Interior Design Software

There are numerous types of software for designing house interiors, and you can choose from a variety of paid and free versions depending on your specific needs. The advantage of this ""design a room software"" is that you can set up the floor plan, and then put in design elements to scale. Then, you can add color, switch up the textures and test out different styles by either clicking the mouse or using drag-and-drop features in the software.

Virtual Architecture Online for Free

If you've ever imagined being able to play with your mobile device and create your dream home by dragging and tapping your finger across the screen, there's software that lets you do exactly that while you design a building for free. Incorporate the elements that are important to you and your clients. Some programs even allow for details such as planning a budget or incorporating lifestyle features into your designs to add appeal for people of all ages.

What is interior design? It's an exciting and fulfilling career because it helps people make the most of their work and living spaces. When you study how to use software to enhance your interior design career, you discover the power of having detailed visual examples to show your potential clients. When you're ready to learn how to design a building online and take your career as a designer to the next level, visit the Udacity catalog to check out our available interior design courses and online architecture design program.