Jan 10, 2019

How to Learn Python

Where the Tech Jobs Are

If you want to know how to learn Python and think mastering this fast growing programming language might help your career, then you have your finger squarely on the pulse of the technology job market.

It’s not only leading tech companies like Google and Instagram that use Python. This sought-after language is also an important tool for government agencies, nonprofit and educational institutions, and for the aviation, engineering, maritime, pharmaceutical, film, science, and fashion industries, among others. Mastery of Python also opens the door to higher level skills, like natural language processing and machine learning.

Students interested in professions including software engineer, web developer, data analyst, and chief technology officer are among those who can benefit from knowing Python. It’s fast and easy to learn, and, in addition to web development, programming, and scripting, it can also be used for tasks like automation and cloud-based solutions.

How to Learn Python

With the Introduction to Python Programming course in the Udacity Catalog, you can learn the fundamentals of the language, how to use Python to solve practical problems, and programming best practices. It’s an ideal course for students who have some experience programming in another language but are new to Python.

You can learn object-oriented programming in Udacity’s Programming Foundations with Python course. Object-oriented programming is an important technique that allows software engineers and anyone who wants to collaborate with programmers to easily share and reuse code. You'll learn actively by building mini-projects and practicing programming concepts. The Foundations with Python course is also part of Udacity’s Full-Stack Developer nanodegree program.

With Udacity nanodegree programs, you learn interactively with hands-on programs, dynamic videos, and quizzes. You create a portfolio of real-world projects that show the skills you've mastered and get feedback and support from reviewers. You also receive and give support from an engaging community of fellow learners, make valuable connections, and stay on top of tech trends.

Benefit from Udacity Courses

When you enroll in a course or nanodegree program with Udacity, you and your career can also benefit from Udacity’s curriculum collaborations with leading tech companies. The Udacity career advancement course, Data Structures and Algorithms in Python, for instance, is offered in collaboration with Grow with Google.

Python is widely used in Artificial Intelligence, and Udacity’s AI Programming with Python nanodegree program focuses both on learning to program with Python and on neural networks, which are the primary building blocks of AI. With Udacity's Expand Your Knowledge of Artificial Intelligence nanodegree program, you can learn AI concepts from experts like Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig.

By building their tech skill sets and marketability, graduates of Udacity nanodegree programs go on to advance their careers, get jobs and promotions, as well as make satisfying vertical moves between positions in their workplaces, and launch their own startups.

Learn Python programming with a Udacity nanodegree program and put your tech career into high gear.