Jan 23, 2019

Find Free Computer Classes in Your Community and Online

With people and organizations across the globe becoming increasingly more connected through the World Wide Web, computer skills are more important than ever. Learning how to operate a computer offers a number of personal and professional benefits, from connecting with friends through social media to managing financial spreadsheets. Whether you're hoping to learn basic or advanced skills, a wide range of free computer classes can help.

Free Computer Courses for Adults in Your Community

From no-cost beginner computer classes to free computer technician training, your community is likely a great educational resource. Teaming up with Microsoft, AARP offers free computer classes for seniors with little or no computer experience. Older adults can find these classes at various senior centers and at Microsoft stores in local malls. Computer skills taught include navigating the Internet, typing and formatting documents, and backing up data.

If your city or town has a public library, chances are it offers free computer classes. Students of all ages can take beginner computer classes or more advanced courses like Microsoft Excel or PowerPoint.

Free Online Computer Courses

From relaxed instructional videos to Ivy League courses, there are a number of free ways to get computer training from the comfort of your own home.


While you may have to sift through a few videos to get just what you want, you can find valuable computer instruction on YouTube taught by ordinary people or college professors. Just enter your desired topic into the search engine on the YouTube website, and discover what pops up.

University of California Irvine

Are you interested in university classes? Check out the options provided through the OpenCourseWare program at UC Irvine. Free online courses and materials are available for computer science as well as a variety of other fields, including business management, engineering, humanities, law, and social sciences.

MIT OpenCourseWare

If you're looking for Ivy League instruction in computer science or another field, check out MIT OpenCourseWare, which delivers free education at the highest level. As with UC Irvine, participants interested in IT and other classes can access free open courseware and download course materials and textbooks.

While free computer courses offer many benefits, you may require a more advanced computer education if you're hoping to work in the IT field. For an alternative to a traditional education from a college or university, check out classes offered in the Udacity Catalog or discover the exciting job opportunities to be had with the completion of a Udacity nanodegree program.