Jan 23, 2019

Data Analyst Job Description and Career Outlook

Data analysts are professionals who gather, review, and interpret data in various industries. Their skills include data entry, reporting, and warehousing. They're responsible for ensuring the data a company collects meets its needs and helps the company achieve its goals. This career is growing rapidly, with demand increasing every year. Check out the data analyst job description to see if this career path may be in your future.

Goals of a Data Analyst

Big data by itself has no value, and people can't use it. There needs to be someone who can collect the data, analyze it, and make it easy to understand. That's the primary role for data analysts. They give the data meaning so that companies can use it to make well-informed decisions about their businesses.

Database Analyst Job Description

Data analysts spend their time creating systems to collect data and then compiling the data into reports that the company can use to make improvements. Data analysts do more than simply organize the numbers on a page. They create a narrative with the numbers that gives the company insights and answers to make informed business decisions. They have a keen eye for spotting patterns and trends, and they use that attention to detail to make recommendations. Data analysts must collaborate with others in the company to gather questions, execute work, and present data.

Skills Required of a Data Analyst

A data analyst needs to have analytical skills in order to draw conclusions from facts and figures. Strong communication skills are necessary to present the findings in a way that makes sense. Math skills and an eye for detail are crucial for ensuring accuracy and drawing the correct conclusions from the data. Having a background in math, statistics, computer programming, or another related field is important for being effective in this role.

Tools Data Analysts Use

Data analysts and their teams use specialized tools to retrieve, organize, and analyze data. They must be able to collect data from internal reports and external sources, such as social media. Some of the tools they use include Microsoft Excel, SQL, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager.

Job Outlook and Salaries for Data Analysts

Data analysts are required in nearly every industry. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates a 19 percent job growth between 2014 and 2024. That means that companies are looking to hire more and more people with these skills in the years to come. The median annual salary for a data analyst is $62,500, but those with higher levels of skill, training, and experience can expect to earn as much as $117,000 annually. Gain the skills and experience you need to advance as a data analyst with the Udacity Nanodegree program.