Jan 23, 2019

Set Up Your Future Through an Online Computer Programming School

If you love wrapping your mind around a problem to find the solution, you just might enjoy a career in computer programming. Learning to code can set you up for a future in computer programming, but it can also enhance just about any other career field you choose or are currently in.

What Is Computer Programming?

Computer programming is giving instructions to computers so they know what to do. These instructions are called codes, and there are various kinds that you've probably already heard of, including Java, C++, Python, Swift, Scratch, PL/SQL, Visual Basic, etc.

Computer programmers write code to have computers perform tasks or solve problems. They often test the performance of software programs, solve software problems, and modify software so that it performs better. Computer programming also almost always involves collaborating with other professionals like software developers and engineers to solve problems.

Who Uses Computer Programming?

In this high-tech world, computer programming skills are valuable regardless of your profession or aspirations. You might freelance your skills for additional income, for example. You can also write simple programs for your current job to solve productivity problems. If you want to pursue a full-time career in computer programming, here are some examples of job positions in the field and their average annual salaries:

  • Java programmer: $90,521
  • CNC programmer: $55,000
  • Game programmer: $63,837
  • Mobile app developer: $72,066
  • Information security analyst: $70,521
  • Cloud solution architect: $120,067
  • Applications architect: $107,831
  • Database administrator: $71,513

Increase Your Skills and Earnings Through Udacity's School of Programming

When you enroll in one of Udacity's nanoprograms in the school of programming, you get hands-on experience by building portfolio-ready projects and learning a variety of programming skills. Depending on your interests, you might choose the "Intro to Programming" nanodegree program to build a foundation in concepts such as machine learning, web and app development, and data science. Or, you might prefer to specialize as a front-end web developer, iOS developer, virtual reality developer, or some other related professional.

Udacity also offers several free courses in computer programming. Learn the foundational skills of computer programming in the free, 2-month "Programming Language" course, for instance. Or, gain a firm understanding of HTML, CSS, and Python in the "Intro to Programming" course. With Udacity, you have a variety of ways to enhance your tech skills and set yourself up for a bright future.