Jan 15, 2019

4 Important Android Programming Languages to Learn Now

The future looks bright for Android developers. As mobile device usage continues growing, so do the number of people using Android-based systems who want better, faster applications and updates on their current favorites. For anyone interested in working in Android app development, that could translate to potentially lucrative opportunities. Top organizations like Intel, Google, Deloitte, and more continue focusing on finding developers to work in a variety of industries ranging from travel to healthcare to gaming to finance. No matter if you're considering this career path or you simply want to dabble in Android development, it's important to start learning these four Android programming languages now.


By and large, this is Android's official language. It's been around for over 20 years, and it's still going strong. Android-specific Java is essential to building a strong foundation in the programming languages you need for everything from cross-platform development to game development and more. Because it's among the older programming languages, it also lacks some of the speed and finesse you get with modern options.


The Kotlin language was originally designed to run on Java Virtual Machines, which means that it can run on anything that also supports Java. But it's hailed as the fresher, less clunky, faster Java alternative.

In 2017, Google announced that Kotlin would be among the official Android programming languages. Ever since, developers often use this as their go-to programming language, claiming that its cleaner to read and write with no semicolons and less boiler-plate coding compared to other languages like Java. It's more concise and versatile. Other benefits of using Kotlin include:

  • Speed: You can have your features running faster than when you use Java

  • Interoperation: Kotlin works beautifully in conjunction with Java, making it easy to use both to create Android apps

  • Safety: Fewer errors, including null pointer exceptions


Until 2014, you could only run C# on Windows systems. After that time, it became open-sourced and capable of running on multiple platforms. Better yet, many users claim that it has all of Java's good points without its drawbacks, making it a great skill to have in your back pocket. It's particularly useful for creating complex games, making it one of the best programming languages for Android games.

HTML5, CSS, JavaScript

Some developers consider this the perfect trio of languages for front-end web development and online and offline apps. Add Adobe Cordova, an open-source framework, to the mix and you can create Android apps that are also capable of running on iOS, Windows 10 Mobile, and Firefox. It does take more work than some of the other Android programming languages and has a rather steep learning curve, but it also provides flexibility and power.

Before you can start creating Android apps and games, you need a strong background in the necessary programming languages. Browse through the Udacity Catalog to find the best courses to jump start your future today or pursue a nanodegree to take your education and career preparation to the next level.