Jan 16, 2019

6 Popular Computer Certification Programs Everyone Can Benefit From

No matter your job, no matter your age, and no matter your background, one thing is certain: almost everyone can benefit from taking some basic computer training courses. Once you complete them, you can take what you learn and use it in both your personal and professional life. You may even decide to switch gears and turn those IT certification courses into an exciting IT career. After all, it's one of the fastest-growing job markets, and that projection is expected to continue for years into the future.

Cisco Certified Network Associate

Becoming a Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) can lead to careers in network engineering or systems administration. It assures your employer that you can install, operate, and manage a small or medium network and serves as a prerequisite for more advanced Cisco certifications. It also shows that you can solve problems within the network.

Cisco Certified Technician

Another one of the more popular entry-level computer certification courses is the Cisco Certified Technician (CCT). Again, it's perfect for anyone who is interested in the network side of the IT world. Specialize in telepresence, data centers, or routing and switching, and learn how to repair, install, and troubleshoot Cisco network devices.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate

If you plan to work in the tech world in any capacity, take as many free Microsoft computer trainings as you can. It's difficult to find a company that doesn't use at least one product from the industry giant. For that reason, you can't go wrong with any of the current certifications. A great place to start with is with the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA), an entry-level program that serves as a prerequisite for multiple advanced certifications. For example, you could go on to launch a Machine Learning Engineer career working with Microsoft Azure or go on to become a Windows master for your own personal satisfaction.

Apple Certified Support Professional

While most of the corporate world uses Microsoft products and platforms, there's a growing need for Apple certifications in the IT industry. This is especially true for schools, universities, libraries, and many companies that work in the visual arts. Becoming an Apple Certified Support Professional (ACSP) means you can provide help desk support to Mac users and help manage networks. You understand the OS and can handle basic troubleshooting.

CompTIA A+ Technician

If you're new to the IT world, a CompTIA A+ Technician certification is the perfect place for you to start. You'll learn basic maintenance of computers, printers, mobile devices, and operating systems so that you can handle entry-level troubleshooting techniques. It can lead to a job as an in-home support technician or a help desk technician.

CompTIA Network+ Technician

While the CompTIA A+ Technician handles the computers, the Network+ Technician handles the network, as the name suggests. Again, this entry-level certification can help you learn basic troubleshooting techniques for both wired and wireless networks. You can still work as a help desk technician, though you may also find work as a information technology specialist or technician.

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