Jan 14, 2019

What to Learn to Get Started in Android Programming

Want to learn how to program for the Android operating system? Android programming languages are also often useful for other coding applications, which means that this skill can transfer to other areas and is generally a good way to get into programming, even if you have no prior experience. Learn more about Android basics and the app programming languages people use for Android.

Writing Code for Apps

Building a mobile app can be a terrific way of starting your own business or working toward a career in a tech company. All you need to do is learn the right languages, and it's important to be precise. The main languages used to write Android app code are C++, Kotlin, and Java. Notice that says Java, not JavaScript. This is one of the main reasons why programming apps for Android and iPhone operating systems mostly are separate processes. iPhone apps are built using a different language called Swift.

This does make it necessary to specialize, although you can learn to do both. But, if you want to become an Android Developer, you'll want to focus on C++, Kotlin, and Java. You can learn Swift separately if you want, but it won't aid you in building Android mobile applications.

The Value of Learning Different Coding Languages?

Learning a coding language can be difficult. In many ways, "language" is an apt term. You're learning how to communicate specific information using linguistic signifiers that might be entirely unfamiliar to you, even if building blocks like letters, numbers, and punctuation look the same. This may make it seem burdensome to learn three languages to build an app. In reality, you don't need to know all three to make an Android app. However, it may still be worth your while.

Java and C++ are both classic object-oriented programming (OOP) languages that are useful to have in your developer toolkit. Additionally, Kotlin is also an OOP that is interoperable with Java, so you won't have to completely switch gears if you decide to start using this more modern language. If you want to get a job in a tech company rather than running your own app development business, it doesn't hurt to know more and have more expertise. This can open you up for eligibility for more jobs and also help you think on your feet in interviews.

Android Development Environment

When you want to develop apps for Android devices, you won't just be using a standard code editor. Android Studio, the integrated development environment for Android, has a range of tools, including a code editor. These help make app development effective and functional. While Android Studio isn't a language unto itself, it is part of the suite of things you'll need to learn how to use in order to do a good job developing Android apps.