Jan 15, 2019

Common Questions For Your First Web Developer Interview

Whether you're a candidate for a job or an interviewer looking for the right person to fill a position, job interviews for a web developer can be tough. The questions should measure the candidate's technical expertise, general people skills, and whether he or she has the right personality to blend with a company's culture. They should also provide the candidate with an opportunity to showcase his or her previous work and creativity. No matter which side of the table you're sitting on, these 20 web developer interview questions can provide you with practice and inspiration for the big meeting.

  1. When it comes to coding, what would you consider to be your greatest strength? What about your greatest weakness?
  2. How would your last project manager describe what it's like to work with you?
  3. What is the first thing you do when you encounter a job-related problem that you don't know the solution for? Walk me through the process of what you'd do to find the solution.
  4. When you're creating a website or app, how would you rank the importance of incorporating the following aspects: search engine optimization, user experience, security, speed, performance, and ease of maintenance?
  5. In your own words, describe the responsibilities of a web developer.
  6. Imagine yourself in a scenario where a client has demanding or overly ambitious requests of you as a web developer. What steps would you take while working on his or her project to ensure they are satisfied with the results?
  7. How much importance do you place on testing? What are your preferred testing methods?
  8. Can you explain the significance of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)?
  9. When did you first learn about web development careers, and what made you decide to take the leap and start a career in this field?
  10. Name your four favorite tools to use for web development.
  11. Think back to your last job and problem you encountered that didn't necessarily involve web development or coding. How did you handle it?
  12. Name a skill or aspect of web development where you feel like you could improve upon your skills or that you'd like to learn more about.
  13. What's the largest website you've ever worked on? What about the smallest?
  14. How do you stay on top of new developments in the tech world? Name some of your favorite industry blogs, websites, social media accounts, leaders, or publications.
  15. Which web browsers do you use?
  16. As a front-end web developer, how many coding languages would you say you have mastered? If there are any that you haven't mastered but would like to learn more about, what steps do you plan to take, such as earning a Udacity Nanodegree certificate, to do that?
  17. Describe an exciting personal web project you've worked on recently or are currently working.
  18. If you could describe your ideal work environment for web development, what would it entail? Do you prefer to work alone or with a team?
  19. Talk about your favorite project you've ever worked on. What makes it stand out from all of the others?
  20. Talk about your least favorite project you've ever worked on? What would you change if you could do it all over again?