Jan 23, 2019

Learn About Web Designing Certification

Earning your web designing certification is a way to get started in a career that's interesting, creative, and lucrative. It's also part of the web developer job field which is growing much faster than average, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The majority of the work is performed at your computer, either in an office or wherever your imagination and internet connectivity take you. To learn how to excel in this field, you can take courses at a web designing institute or you can take paid or free online web design courses with certificates. One great starter course to take is the Responsive Web Design Fundamentals course from the Udacity Catalog.

Learning Web Design Online

Website design is uniquely suited to online learning. After all, what better way could there be to learn how to build something for online use than over the internet? When you earn web design certifications online via online courses, you're building a portfolio of work you can show future employers or just show off to your friends when they want to know what you're doing. While the bulk of the work centers around building websites, you also need graphics design skills to help you know to to optimize pages for a better viewer experience. Writing or videographer experience may even be required because some web designers are also required to create the content for the sites they build.

Web Designing Subjects

You can get ready to earn your website design certificate online through the Mobile Web Specialist nanodegree program. To succeed in this course, you should ideally have experience in front end development like html and JavaScript, as well as experience with Git and GitHub. If you aren't familiar with them yet, you can pick up all these skills here on Udacity if they're new to you. Some other things you can expect to learn when working on this online education web design nanodegree include how to make responsive web apps, how to make apps that work offline for people who have limited bandwidth, and how to make apps that don't lag or use up all of a viewer's available storage space.

The Mobile Web Specialist online web designing nanodegree from Udacity was created in cooperation with Google. It takes about six months for this course of study to get you from start to finish. Plus, at the finish line, you're greeted with job prospects that pay in the range of $94.6k up to $133k. These figures are derived from US job data.