Jan 23, 2019

Try Free Sketch Software

The creative team behind Sketch makes it available for free during a 30-day trial period. This award-winning design app gets a lot of attention from designers. Read on to learn more about Sketch to see if you want to try it out.

What Is Sketch?

Sketch is a user-friendly design app made exclusively for Mac. It is based on vector drawing, which creates extremely sharp, clear images even when you resize them. It can be compared to Photoshop (which was also built exclusively for Mac when it was first released), but designers often find it to be simpler and more powerful.

Sketch is very versatile. It can be used for designing UI (user interface) on mobile devices, icons, websites, professional artwork, drawings, and a lot more. It features non-destructive editing, export of code and presets, prototyping, and grids and guides for creating accurate designs. The tool generates dynamic text and images using the data that you input. Teams work with Sketch in real time through the Sketch Cloud, allowing designers to share both static and interactive prototypes with each other or with clients.

What's the Best Way to Learn Sketch?

When you download Sketch, you can generally jump right in if you have some background knowledge in basic designing. The app comes with a help feature as well. Through the Sketch website, you can also access the free Sketch software user manual. It covers all the topics you should encounter when using the program, including navigating the interface, using symbols and data, the Sketch Cloud, color management, prototyping, styling, and a whole lot more. You also have free access to extensive libraries and Sketch courses in both video and interactive book formats.

Who Uses Sketch?

Sketch can used by anyone who wants to design – and who has a Mac. More specifically, some professions that benefit from knowing how to use Sketch include UX designers, UI designers, iOS app designers, graphic designers, web designers, and front-end web developers.

Take Your Sketch Skills to the Next Level

The Udacity catalog is full of free courses and Nanodegree programs for designers in a variety of fields including artificial intelligence, web design, and business. A few examples of free design courses include:

  • Intro to the Design of Everyday Things: Principles of Design
  • Mobile Design and Usability for iOS, by Facebook for Developers
  • Responsive Web Design Fundamentals, by Google
  • Product Design, by Google
  • Software Architecture and Design, by Georgia Tech

Designers of apps using Sketch may also be interested in some of Udacity's Nanodegree programs. For example, when you enroll in the "Become an iOS Developer" Nanodegree program, you create a portfolio of iOS apps for the iPhone and iPad while also mastering programming in Swift.