Jan 23, 2019

3 Top Websites for Java Coding Practice

Java, which dates back to 1991, is one of the most commonly used programming languages with approximately 9 million Java developers worldwide. This popularity means having a working knowledge of Java is a reliable pathway to success if you have aspirations of becoming a developer. An Intro to Programming course gets you up to speed, but it's also worth developing your skills in your free time using online resources. Here are three helpful sites for finding Java coding practice exercises.


The Codewars website is an incredible resource for anyone who wants to strengthen existing skills or develop new ones. The landing page immediately presents you with a challenge, asking you to select your programming language and then issuing a problem to solve before it's possible to join the community. An in-browser application provides a way to train and use test cases to enhance your learning, and a ranked progression system means no matter how advanced you are, there's always a new challenge ahead.


While some websites provide a series of Java problems and solutions, CodinGame has a unique approach that aims to make coding more fun. The site makes education a game where you provide the code segments necessary to achieve predefined outputs. It even provides an opportunity to level up your skills by challenging friends to multiplayer programming games or by taking part in international online programming contests. Java is one of more than 25 languages the website covers, and there are plenty of activities to keep even the keenest programmer entertained.


Are your programming skills a little undercooked? Do you need some tasty challenges to sink your teeth into? The CodeChef website serves as a platform to help programmers develop their education. The site runs regular programming contests with a chance to win real prizes, and a dedicated practice section presents a wide selection of challenges that you submit answers to in the programming language of your choice. There's also a forum for seeking advice and exchanging ideas with other programmers.

Practice Makes Perfect

Running through Java practice exercises in your own time is a terrific way to brush up on self-taught skills or to learn some new techniques. However, while your talents may be perfect in practice, it helps to have some formal training if you're serious about programming and want to pursue a career as a developer. A Udacity Nanodegree program is a convenient way to earn programming certification, while developing fundamental knowledge that enables you to advance on your chosen career path. You've practiced your skills, so now it's time to make them perfect.