Jan 23, 2019

Where Can You Find Free Online Certification Courses?

Thinking of changing career? Want to sharpen your programming skills? Just looking for a new challenge? Whether you want to learn Unreal VR or find out more about developing apps for mobile platforms, learning online is a convenient and cost-effective way to broaden your knowledge. While self-learning is incredibly useful and a commendable attribute in a job applicant, employers often seek people with certification in core studies. Free online certification courses are an opportunity to get a head start and make yourself a more desirable candidate.

Free Online Courses

Providers of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) rarely offer free online certification courses. Most organizations have a selection of free courses that teach the fundamental concepts of various subjects, but they don't present the student with a formal certificate at the end. The same organizations also have a range of paid-for courses that do come with the certification that many employers are looking for in potential employees.

The Benefit of Free Online Courses

While you don't get a certificate at the end, free online courses are beneficial. The modern world moves quickly, and if you aren't keeping on top of the latest developments in programming and technology, you're at a disadvantage when applying for a job. Self-learning is an effective way to develop new skills or improve existing skills, and it shows a desire to improve your knowledge to achieve your goals. Furthermore, completing a course gives you a sense of achievement, providing a boost to your confidence and inspiring you to do even better.


While studying for a certificate usually incurs a fee, it is possible to take free online certification courses through scholarship programs. For example, Udacity works in association with companies such as Google and AT&T to offer a selection of scholarship programs. These programs are open to anyone who meets the entry criteria, and they often involve entry-level courses as well as full scholarships for those with an aptitude for the subject. Entry requirements vary, so it's important to research the available programs carefully to ensure you don't miss out on the opportunity to change your life.

Getting Certification

The more certificates you have, and the more evidence you have of self-learning, the more desirable you are as a job applicant. A Udacity nanodegree program is a good way to get the certification you need while gaining the fundamental knowledge to succeed in a range of job roles; and if you're eligible for a scholarship it may even be possible to get into free online certifications courses. Browse the Udacity Catalog to discover new ways to start a new career.