Jan 23, 2019

Network Administrator Certifications Help Build Your IT Career

Enterprises across the business world rely on their technical infrastructure to thrive. Whether in-house, cloud-based, or a hybrid of both approaches, talented network administrators keep the engines of commerce running on a daily basis. If this seems like a career opportunity worth exploring, perhaps earning a few network administrator certifications gets your foot in the door. Combining skills in both networking and software engineering also puts you in demand.

Do Network Certification Programs Matter in the Industry?

Ultimately, a simple question must be asked. Do IT companies genuinely value employees with a number of network administrator certifications on their resume? Of course, they do. Additionally, organizations want to ensure a candidate knows his or her stuff before extending a job offer.

Cisco certifications are generally well-regarded throughout the technology world. Some of the certifications worth your attention include the CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE. Because of their popularity, taking a Cisco networking course or two definitely helps prepare you for passing a certification test.

Remember, making an effort to better yourself by following a network administrator certification path shows dedication to potential employers. They want to hire talented professionals with both the drive and ability to update their skill set on a regular basis. In many cases, certifications combined with experience matters more to businesses than a college degree.

Combining Programming Skills With Network Administrator Acumen

The DevOps methodology is very popular throughout the IT world. It boosts productivity by creating interactive teams combining software development talent and network administrators. Tech pros boasting a mixture of software engineering and networking skills are also worth their weight in gold in this environment.

After earning one or more network administrator certifications, consider adding some programming skills to your IT toolbox. Udacity offers multiple Nanodegree programs to help you learn the right tech skills for your career growth. Simply check out the Udacity Catalog for the full range of available courses.

The Intro to Programming Nanodegree program is especially useful for network administrators who want to code. It provides an excellent introduction on what it takes for success as a software engineer. Remember, companies following DevOps increasingly want employees with this unique mix of skills.

After learning the basics, consider the Full Stack Web Developer Nanodegree program. The course covers how to write the back-end code for an interactive website easily scalable to thousands of simultaneous users. It’s knowledge that's highly compatible with your network administrator skills in today’s market.

Partner with Udacity to get the most out of your network administrator certifications. Add anything from mobile app development to machine learning to your skill set. Our full collection of courses provides the perfect mix to take your technology career higher than you thought possible.