Jan 23, 2019

Learn How to Make Your Own App

Using apps every day on your smartphone or tablet inspires something within you. Maybe it's an idea for a new type of mobile game for the iPhone or an Android device. Perhaps a business productivity app concept is sure to be of interest to sales professionals all over the world.

If you aspire to be a mobile developer, learning how to make your own app remains the key part of this dream. Mobile phone app design fosters an exciting process that lies somewhere between art and science. It lets your creativity shine as well as engages an innate technical ability within you.

Creating a captivating app becomes simple once you understand the process. Here's a closer look.

College Isn't a Requirement to Build a Mobile App

Thankfully, earning a college degree isn't a prerequisite to becoming a mobile app developer. You simply need inspiration, creativity, technical know-how, and an eye for detail. The right mobile development training is also essential for creating the app of your dreams.

Many detailed training courses for designing an app are available from online sources. For example, if you hope to be published at the iTunes App Store, consider the Become an iOS Developer Nanodegree program offered by Udacity. It offers a thorough introduction to app development on the iOS platform.

You learn how to use Xcode, the integrated development environment (IDE) for iOS and the Mac. Design your page layouts within Xcode and make them interactive using Swift, one of Apple's own programming languages. The course helps you build your own portfolio of iPhone apps ready for publishing at the App Store.

Online Courses for Android App Development

Android fans needn't worry. A variety of online training courses also exist for building apps for Google's mobile platform. The Udacity Android Basics Nanodegree program is perfect for those new to mobile development. You learn the basics of the Android Studio IDE as well as Java, the official programming language for creating Android apps.

Once you complete Android Basics, consider taking the Android Developer Nanodegree program to further develop your emerging skills. You learn how to extend your app's functionality with third-party libraries as well as use GitHub to manage your project's codebase. Finally, you are taught about publishing your app on Google Play, making it available to millions of users all over the world.

Ultimately, making your own app becomes easy once you know how. Take advantage of Udacity's Nanodegree programs to get you started. We help you get from inspiration to a finished app.