Jan 23, 2019

Examples of Machine Learning in Day to Day Life

Machine learning is related to artificial intelligence in the computing world. Machine learning (ML) is a type of algorithm that is designed to analyze data and predict outcomes. Examples of this that you encounter daily without even knowing include spam filters, ads served to you while shopping or browsing online, and news feeds on social networks. Somewhere in the background, machine learning is working hard to provide the information and user experience you are seeking.

Data scientists use machine learning to work with data in many ways. Once the scientist identifies the data to analyze, they use a machine learning algorithm to process the date and build a model. Learning algorithms include:

  • Neural networks: Used for complex tasks such as speech-to-text
  • Decision trees: Used to find paths based on actions
  • Reinforcement learning: Uses reinforcement based on outcomes to teach the best process
  • K-means clustering: Groups data that is similar

Data scientists decide on an algorithm to use and what fits for the data set. From there, testing, training and working with the data leads to an output. The goal is for the output to be the final product of the machine learning algorithm analyzing and learning from the data in a way that predicts an outcome.

With all the activity and growth in AI and machine learning, it is no surprise that this is a growing field in need of well-trained talent. Companies are not only looking to fill positions to support current initiatives, research and development careers are expanding. The typical industries like tech giants hire in these fields, and it goes beyond self-driving cars. There are many other opportunities. Education is using this technology to aide with exam and essay grading. Security firms are using this technology to keep your online life safe and free from cyber attacks. Financial institutions lean on machine learning to alert to fraud and aid customers with daily transactions. In day to day life, these algorithms assist with many tasks people encounter in work and at home.

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