Jan 23, 2019

Quality Assurance Testing Training Online

Banking, communication, marketing, and more involve programs and computer systems that process massive amounts of data and complete complex procedures at speed. The importance of software in so many day-to-day activities makes it essential for every program to meet the exacting specifications of the end user, which is why development teams include quality assurance processes in the software development life cycle. Whether you're just starting out as an Android Developer creating apps for mass-consumption, or you're looking to join a software development team creating bespoke systems for large corporations, it's beneficial to have some quality assurance testing training on your resume.

Quality Assurance or Quality Control?

They may sound the same, but quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) are two different parts of the software development process. QA focuses on the overall quality of the software, improving its ability to accurately and efficiently achieve its intended goal by improving the activities within the development cycle itself. The process involves working with the development team, using project reviews and training to maintain quality output, while ensuring it's possible to meet the standards set by the customer.

Conversely, QC is less about the software specifications, and more about how robust the software is under stress. QC processes involve actively looking for ways to break the software by overloading it with heavy traffic, providing false or incorrect information, and simulating user errors.

Online Training

A little online training goes a long way. Taking the initiative to teach yourself a new skill, or to freshen up your existing skills with current techniques, makes you a more appealing prospect for employers who want to invest in creative, forward-thinking staff. It also helps you to maintain a professional approach when you're working on your own projects, and can even be a good way to train up new staff for your own organization. Fortunately, there are many opportunities for quality assurance testing training online, through free and paid courses. Taking advantage of free resources, such as YouTube videos and downloadable PDFs, is a good way to start building your knowledge without racking up a bill, and subscription-based systems are useful if you're constantly cycling through different training initiatives. Courses with a fixed admission fee let you pick and choose exactly what you want to do, give you complete control over how much you're spending, and usually issue certification upon completion.

Testing and Certification

Self-learning is a good way to build the skills and confidence to further your career. It's even more useful when it comes with certification. A Udacity Nanodegree program is the ideal way to fit education into your schedule while earning vital certificates that improve your chances of landing a job. Courses range from quality assurance testing training to courses covering the fundamentals of computer programming and software development. Start by looking through the Udacity Catalog to find many ways to test your skills and certify your credentials.