Jan 23, 2019

5 Reasons to Learn HTML5

HTML5 is an updated version of basic website-building language that includes two other languages within its framework: Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and JavaScript. The update to the language allows web builders to create dynamic pages without using plugins. For an Android Developer in-training, HTML5 mobile apps coding is a core part of the learning process.

HTML5 Is the Perfect First Language for New Programmers

Whether you want to specifically learn HTML5 app design, create hybrid app designs, or try your hand at coding to gauge your interest, HTML5 coding is the best place to start. This language is simple for new learners and those who are already familiar with older versions of web-building language. Try an HTML5 course to familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of coding and see where it takes you.

It's Considered the Best Hybrid Mobile App Framework

In virtually every facet of website maintenance or design, HTML is a necessary skill. Now that web pages and browsers need to all be mobile-friendly, hybrid design is more important than ever. Using HTML5 can eliminate the need for additional coding to bring websites up to standard and give you the building blocks you need to create mobile programs.

HTML5 Is Useful for Building Web-Based Games

The updated codes are not just useful when designing and building modern, impressive front-end pages online. You can use your HTML5 knowledge to create fun games and host them online. It's a fun way to keep people on a mobile website and stretch your programming knowledge.

HTML Knowledge Makes You More Hireable

If you only choose to learn one programming code, make it HTML5. This skill brings you way ahead of the pack when you apply for web-based customer service or publishing jobs, and it shows potential employers that you can be trained to take on more complex roles within the IT department later on.

It's the Starting Point for Most Programming Careers

Learn how to create mobile applications in HTML5, and you've already got a solid foot in the door when it comes time to interview for a position with a good company. If you decide to take things further, you can use your HTML knowledge to branch out into other types of programming, either for Android or Apple or more complex software suites.

If you want to know if a career in coding or front-end development is right for you, start with our Udacity Intro to Programming. This introduces you to HTML5, mobile app coding, website building, and even game-building techniques. Start with the basics and begin creating your own HTML5 mobile apps within a few easy lessons, and then see which type of programming language or front-end code really speaks to you.