Jan 23, 2019

Job Opportunities in Embedded Systems Designs

Embedded systems are everywhere, but most people don't realize it. Usually hidden inside larger electronic devices, a small computer chip provides the ""brain"" behind the appliance. A normal lithium battery, for example, includes an embedded system to shut it down permanently if the battery is damaged. The automatic parking on futuristic cars and trucks is an embedded system within the auto system. As more daily devices like televisions, stereo systems, and refrigerators become ""smart,"" embedded system programmers and engineers are more necessary than ever. A Udacity Nanodegree program can set you on the path to becoming a great embedded system designer in any of the following roles.

1. Embedded Systems Engineer

Unlike the average computer programmer, embedded systems engineers need to deal with a variety of hardware that can get in the way of their embedded program. The process includes writing code, running tests, identifying problems, and passing results onto hardware engineers.

2. Software Engineer

An embedded system may not be the primary role of the piece of technology in question, but it plays a vital role and may even require its own software. Take embedded code to the next level with intelligent, intuitive software.

3. Automation Engineer

As an automation engineer, you'll be responsible for designing and programming software for clients in the auto, energy, and food processing industries. These are the most prominent industries that currently use automated machinery, but there are a wide variety of up-and-coming automated sectors where you can make your mark. The role also calls for you to test automated programs and make corrections when necessary.

4. Firmware Engineer

Firmware is the permanent programming included on a device that tells the device how to function. Firmware is what tells a traffic light to change regularly, and it's what tells your computer how to turn on and interact with your operating system. Firmware engineers are a vital part of the digital industry, but they also are a big part of the traditional electronics industry.

4. Systems Designer

Design your own specialized embedded systems for brand-new, emerging technologies and become a game-changer within the industry. For fresh and modern twists on the industry, consider working with startups. As part of a new company, your creativity will be valued just as much as your ability to execute each program flawlessly. The role is likely to be more challenging, but perhaps more rewarding in the end.

Check out the Udacity Catalog for preparatory basic programming, software development, and specialized computer courses that will give you the skills you need to work with embedded systems design. Find your niche within the niche and discover what you can come up with in the age of the Internet of Things.