Jan 23, 2019

Job Opportunities for Cross-Platform Mobile Development Pros

Right now, the mobile industry is split between the career path of an Android developer and an iOS developer future. Thanks to advances in cross-platform mobile development, however, this may not always be the case. Join a dedicated programming niche that could change the future of mobile development and allow one very effective mobile design to function flawlessly in any device platform. You'll learn everything you need to be a valued mobile development expert and take on any of the following jobs.

1. Android Developer

Use your understanding of Android systems to start developing Android apps on Windows computers, pushing the limits of Android-constrained applications and opening up software access to all users. Top companies are always looking for ways to leverage their apps and let people use programs between any device, and that requires cross-platform mobile development skills.

2. Apple Developer

Apple is all about exclusivity, which means as multi-platform codes develop, the company may be looking for ways to maintain that private, non-ubiquitous status. Programmers will have to be fluent in all app-creation languages to figure out how to keep Apple ahead of the curve.

3. Software Developer

Most companies simply want to provide fun, useful apps for customers. They hire programmers to build shopping pages, games, social networks, and other apps one at a time, first for Android, then for iOS. Programming for both platforms simultaneously and providing a smooth, flawless experience in both platforms is something employers value.

4. Mobile App Developer

You can find work on a case-by-case basis as a mobile app developer, or you can look for a long-term job within a programming and development company. Freelance work gives you the freedom of moving around and choosing projects that interest you personally, while the latter option gives you stability, regular wages, and potential insurance benefits.

5. Web Developer

Every company needs a great website where clients, partners, and providers can go for support, product catalogs, and up-to-date brand and industry information. Not only do such pages have to look nice and perform well, but they have to continue to shine when viewed and used on a variety of mobile devices and platforms. With a cross-platform development background, you'll be aware of the sort of problems that plague multi-platform pages and be able to solve problems before they even occur. You'll also be way ahead when it comes to connecting any pages to mobile apps.

Check out the Udacity Catalog for mobile and web development courses, plus cross-platform mobile development courses that will really prepare you for the present and future of mobile design. Stay ahead of the game and hedge your bets as an app developer who can truly tackle any project on any platform.