Jan 23, 2019

A Free Apple Developer Account Helps you Learn iOS Programming

The continued popularity of the iPhone creates a strong demand for developers experienced in iOS programming. The iTunes App Store features a host of captivating apps that include everything from action games to music synthesizers. Becoming an a iOS developer provides a unique opportunity to take your career to a higher level.

Thankfully, a free Apple developer account is available to begin learning how to build apps for the iOS platform. It lets you download Xcode, the integrated development environment (IDE) used for both iOS and Mac programming. You also gain access to a host of resources and tools to help your development efforts.

How to Get an Apple Developer Account

Signing up for a free Apple developer account is a simple process. You just need to visit the Apple developer program’s webpage and fill out a form. As noted earlier, this free account gives you access to the Xcode IDE as well as the documentation to send you on your journey as an iOS programmer.

When your first iPhone, iPad, or universal app is ready for publishing on the App Store, a paid developer account is required. One important caveat is that you must keep your paid account in good standing to ensure your apps remain available at the App Store.

Strategies for Learning iOS Development

The resources available with an Apple developer account help teach you the basics of iOS programming. The provided reference documentation on the platform becomes invaluable when knee-deep into an iPhone app project. It’s a great way for exploring the finer aspects of iOS.

To truly learn how to write iPhone apps, however, you should take a course with the organized instruction aimed at teaching you as quickly as possible. Become an iOS developer by pursuing the Udacity Nanodegree program, which offers a full syllabus suitable for new iPhone app programmers. Upon completion, you are ready to start a career in mobile application development.

As part of the course, you learn the basics of Swift, Apple’s new programming language for iOS development. You get to dive into Xcode by designing app screens as well as writing the code to make them interactive. Finally, the design patterns used for efficient mobile app architecture are also extensively covered.

This Udacity nanodegree program offers the best way to get the most out of your free Apple developer account. After you finish, sign up for a paid account and publish your portfolio of iPhone apps to get your mobile development career on a path to success.