Jan 23, 2019

Guide to A/B Testing Tools

Whether you work in ecommerce, health, technology, media, or some other industry, A/B testing is an invaluable tool. By comparing two versions of the same thing, you gain key insight into the version that will work best, best meet consumer needs, or produce the most optimal results. But what are the best A/B testing tools out there? We rounded up a few top options to help get you started.

A/B Testing Tool Comparison

Before you can choose the A/B testing tools that are right for what you need, you should understand a little more about the type of A/B testing tools out there, including the two main types: split testing and multivariate testing.

Split testing is another name for A/B testing. It simply compares two versions of an app or web page to choose the one that performs best. The variants on the page or app are usually shown to different users chosen randomly. Analysts use statistical analysis to figure out the one that will best meet the overall goal. This type of test often focuses on user interface and possible changes.

Multivariate tests are designed to figure out the combination of different variations out of a range of possible combinations that will perform best. For example, a mobile app is made up of various elements that could change. This type of test changes elements like headlines and pictures at the same time to create multiple versions of the same content to find the best combination. This is the ideal test for getting information about multiple elements or sections, including how they interact and where the most effective changes would be.

Best A/B Testing Tools

Now that you're a little more familiar with the types of A/B testing, let's take a closer look at some of the best options available.

  • AB Tasty is often hailed as a good tool for those just starting out. It offers both split and multivariate testing. It also has a visual editor that allows users to put variants and tests together quickly while also receiving real-time reporting, controlling testing with advanced targeting scenarios, and integrating existing data from customer relationship management platforms and data management platforms.
  • Apptimize is designed for those interested in mobile optimization. It gives you a full-control visual editor that allows users to quickly create variants and target them based on user segments. Users can add code blocks supporting languages like Java, Swift, and HTML5. It's simple to set up and uses straightforward coding, but the real-time changes users can make are relatively limited.
  • For those who want an advanced tool that can be used client-side or server-side, Conductrics is often the go-to option. This A/B testing tool blends A/B testing with machine learning for optimal user experiences. It interacts with various systems and is ideal when used as an active decision agent.

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