Jan 23, 2019

8 Database Administrator Training Courses at Udacity

Database administrators have professional training at their fingertips through Udacity's online courses. Developing your database administrator skills can reap big payoffs in the form of job advancement, pay increases, additional responsibilities, or a new career move.

Each of these courses is self-paced, but approximate times are given for the average amount of time it may take you to complete each course. And more good news: You can skip the database administrator course fees. Aside from Udacity's Full Stack Developer Nanodegree program, all of these database administrator classes are free.

Beginner Courses

Android Basics: Data Storage

This is your chance to develop your own app. In this eight-week course, you learn how to build an app for any small business as well as understand the basics of Android data storage. You also develop skills in ContentProvider, SQLite, and CursorAdapter.

SQL for Data Analysis

SQL is short for Structured Query Language, a computer language for relational database management system (RDBMS) and data manipulation. This four-week course covers how to query, update, insert, and modify data stored in databases through such tasks as joining tables together and performing aggregations. By the course's end, you can write efficient SQL queries for various data analysis tasks.

Intermediate Courses

Intro to Relational Databases

The goal of this four-week course is to learn how to use a database to write code so it can store application data reliably and safely. To get there, you apply the basics of relational databases, SQL, database design, and Python DB-API.

Full Stack Foundations

Here you create your own web application using the iterative development process, or, rather, by breaking down the software development process into bite-size chunks. On the way, you use Python, ORM (object-relational mapping), Flask, CRUD, and a bit more. This is a three-week course.

Intro to Backend

Intro to Backend is a sampling of course material from Udacity's Web Development course. For three weeks, you learn Web backend topics such as database storage, building systems with secure user accounts, producing template output, and how to handle user input.

Database Systems Concepts & Design

Apply your database administrator skills to the real world with a major project that involves using database application development methodology. All the skills needed to create the project are taught, and some specific skills include extended-entity relationship model, relational algebra, calculus, SQL, metadata management, and archival. This is a 16-week course that involves working remotely with team members.

Advanced Course

Configuring Linux Web Servers

In one week, you become familiar with configuring and securing a Ubuntu Linux web application server. Skills covered include Linux security, PostgreSQL database, and Apache HTTP Server. This course gives you the know-how to share your web applications with the real world.

Database Nanodegree Program

Full-Stack Web Developer

This is Udacity's Nanodegree program to prepare you to become a full-stack web developer. By applying 10 hours a week, you learn in four months how to create complex server-side web applications that store data using relational databases. Skills include Python, SQL, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and more.