Jan 23, 2019

The Economy Thrives on Computer Software Engineering

Computer technology lies at the heart of the expanding economy in the 21st Century. Smartphones, desktop computers, and even the brains of a smart TV rely on software to function. This is one of the reasons companies of all sizes regularly need to hire talented software engineers.

If you are looking for a lucrative career filled with interesting and state-of-the-art work, computer software engineering is a wise choice. This job role also stays relatively immune to economic downturns. All you need to join this profession is a proper level of training.

A Closer Look at the Field of Software Engineering

The computer programmer profession includes a rich variety of software engineering roles. Web programmers design and build interactive websites for everything from eCommerce to video streaming. Mobile developers write apps for tablets and smartphones on the iOS and Android platforms. Additionally, software engineers build applications for everything from desktop computers to the embedded systems within an electronic appliance.

It truly is a field with a multitude of options depending on your specific interests. You simply need to get the right training from a software engineering school to begin a lifelong and rewarding career.

Training Options for Becoming a Software Engineer

A four-year degree in computer science from a software engineer college offers just one pathway for becoming a computer programmer. Thankfully, other options exist if you lack the time and resources for one of the many software engineering undergraduate programs. Udacity offers a variety of training classes suitable for both experienced developers and those new to the profession.

If you lack any software engineering experience, consider the Udacity nanodegree program Intro to Programming to start. It gives you the basics of HTML and CSS, which are the languages used to design web pages. You even get a taste of Python, currently one of the most popular programming languages in the field.

Follow up your first exposure to HTML with the Front-End Web Developer nanodegree program. This gives you a better handle on designing web-based user interfaces, along with the JavaScript code that makes them interactive. Successfully completing the program provides you with a rich portfolio for finding your first job as a web developer.

The Udacity Full-Stack Web Developer nanodegree program gets into the nuts and bolts of building a highly scalable website. You learn how to write code to store information within a database, which is a necessary function for any eCommerce web application. Passing all three courses puts you squarely on the career path of a computer software engineer.