Jan 23, 2019

How to Learn Computer Science For Dummies

The For Dummies book series is known for taking complex topics, like computer science, and presenting information in ways that are easy for beginners to understand. The books help people quickly assimilate large quantities of knowledge so they can apply it in real life or for exams in courses they're taking. The For Dummies online store has a number of volumes related to computer and data science. The concept of simplifying the complex data related to this field is a popular one, and there are many e-books available that allow you to learn the basics of computer science.

Computer Science For Dummies Free Download

While you might find it challenging to find a free copy of the For Dummies computer science books to download, some sellers allow readers to download a few pages for preview while deciding whether or not to buy the book. Some library systems also make the e-book versions of the For Dummies series available to patrons for free download. The loan terms vary according to each library's guidelines, but the typical loan term is two weeks. You can also opt for one of the unbranded versions that teach computing basics, like ""Introduction to Computing"" by David Evans of the University of Virginia. Even with a book that's designed to be enjoyed by beginners, learning computer science is easier with some guidance, so you may want to consider taking some courses early on to guide you through the learning process.

Working in the Computer Science Field

Computer scientists are responsible for creating new ways to employ computing technology and new ways to use existing technology. It requires the ability to examine complicated problems in a variety of fields like medicine, science, and business. Following through with solutions is the second part of the job. The work is challenging and that makes it exciting for people who enjoy out-of-the-box thinking, working creatively, and independent work.

Many jobs in this field require a master's degree, but you can get started on the path to becoming a computer scientist or data scientist through self-study and motivation if you have strong computing skills. Work in this field provides a higher-than-average pay rate, with an average pay of $114,520 per year, and the field is expanding much faster than average, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Check out the Udacity catalog to find a great starter course or nanodegree program to launch yourself into this exciting field of study.