Udacity Introduction

Signing In

Find the Sign In button at the top right corner of any page on Udacity's site.

Screenshot 2014-09-21 18.59.43.png

This pulls up a sign-in dialogue, enter your email and password.

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Viewing Course Material

After signing in, select My Courses from the navigation bar, which will display a list of the courses you have enrolled in.

Screenshot 2014-09-21 19.13.07.png

Select a course to get to the classroom.


  • 1: Dashboard - Find your progress in the course and downloadable materials for general course topics and all lessons.
  • 2: Materials - Wiki with external links, explanations of course concepts, and resources curated by course instructors and students.
  • 3: Discussions - Discuss course content with other students.
  • 4: Overview - Find the course overview with the syllabus and pre-reqs.
  • 5: Lesson Drop Down - Navigate between lessons in the course.
  • 6: Progress Bar - See your progress in a lesson.  Each rectangle turns blue when completed and rectangles with dots include exercises.
  • 7: Discussion Topics - See the last five topics posted by students, access all topics for the section you're learning or report an issue to Udacity.
  • 8: Instructor Notes - Review notes from course instructors that clarify or add context to what you're learning in a video or exercise.
  • 9: Downloadables - Easily download videos, transcripts, and files for lessons and sections.
  • 10: Coach Chat - If you're enrolled in the full course experience, get questions answered immediately during coaching hours or leave us a message and we'll answer your questions over email.

How to Get Help

  • Visit our FAQ page
  • If you're enrolled in our full course experience, chat or email with coaches to get unstuck fast!