Udacity & SJSU Plus


This FAQ is dedicated to answering questions about the SJSU & Udacity course pilot.

Which courses fall under this pilot?

Visualizing Algebra, College Algebra and Statistics.

Is there a fee to take each course AND get credit?

Yes. For courses where credit is offered, we may charge either for an exam or a separate credit bearing version of the course. For more detail, visit the SJSU Plus page. Of course, you can always take the course without official SJSU college credit for free.

Are there assignments?

Yes. There are in-lecture quizzes, problem sets (we would call them "homework," but you are probably already at home), and exams for each of the courses. Each course will have specific grading criteria and you should check back after the courses have launched to see what those are.

Are there due dates?

Yes. Since this pilot is running for a limited time (01/30/13-05/31/13), there will be due dates to keep students on track for the multiple exam dates. There will be instant feedback for in-lecture quizzes and some problem sets, but there will not be instant feedback for exams.

How will exams work?

Exams will be proctored online for those enrolled for credit through SJSU. There will still be exams (unproctored) for students taking the open course. The final exam will be offered online on or before May 31, 2013.

What are the technical requirements to take these courses?

For udacity.com, we recommend the latest versions of the Chrome browser. Most things will work for Chrome 21-24, Firefox 17-18, and IE 9-10.

For online proctoring, you need a web cam and a microphone.

How do I get help?

Udacity and SJSU are proud to offer more student services than have ever been offered for open online courses. There will be course mentors, tutors, and instructor-coordinated office hours for all three courses.

More Details can be found on this page: https://www.udacity.com/wiki/SJSUHelp

Is the credit for these courses transferrable?

The course credits should be transferable at most institutions. See SJSU Plus for more info. Other specific technical details

If I complete the free version of the class, can I switch to the for-credit version later?

No, to receive credit for the class, you must be enrolled through San Jose State by January 30, 2013 at <specify time="">

Is enrollment limited?

Yes, there are 150 slots for students from San Jose State and 150 for other students.

Can I be enrolled in another four year college?

Yes. You should check with the institution where you're currently enrolled to make sure they will accept these credits from the California State University System, but you can absolutely take these courses for credit even if you are enrolled in another four year institution.

What if I'm on leave from a university?

No problem.  You could take these courses and then use that credit when you return to university assuming the California State University system credit is recognized by your university.

Are foreign students eligible to enroll?

Yes, as long as you meet all other eligibility requirements for the course. 

Which schools will grant credit for the courses?

As a regionally accredited university, courses from San Jose State will be accepted by most schools that offer courses similar to the one you take here. All California Community Colleges and members of the California State University System will grant credit. For other schools, check with your registrar on their policy for accepting transfer credit. <check for="" accuracy="">

Will I have to pay a separate fee for the final exam?

No, the cost of the exam is included in the course.

Will the exam be proctored?

The exam will be remotely proctored via webcam. To ensure that this works, verify that your system meets the technical requirements outlined on the registration page.

What will the passing score be?

See the FAQ for each course:
College Algebra
Visualizing Algebra

How will my grade be determined?

See the FAQ for each course:
College Algebra
Visualizing Algebra

Are there any deadlines for work within the course?

See the FAQ for each course:
College Algebra
Visualizing Algebra

Are any texts or other materials required for the course?

See the FAQ for each course:
College Algebra
Visualizing Algebra

Who do I contact to provide feedback on the pilot?

You can email us at feedbackprogram@udacity.com

Who can help if I'm getting stuck?