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GitHub Usage Assignment


Remember, anything marked as an Assignment is required and graded.  To find the due date and see where this fits in the course overall, see the schedule.

Assignment Description

Note: This assignment requires having been assigned to a team for Project 1.  If you have not yet been assigned a team, please wait until you receive notification before attempting this assignment.

Once you have be assigned a team and been added to the appropriate Project 1 GitHub repo: 1. Clone the repo to your local machine.

  1. In the root directory, add a file "members.txt" that contains just your name.

  2. If any conflict arises when pushing the file, because the file already exists, handle the conflict conservatively (i.e., by adding your content without removing any of the content in the existing file).

  3. After pushing your changes to GitHub, run command "git show" from the working directory and report here the output of the command.

Important: Do not coordinate with your team mates for this assignment. We will check the GitHub logs to make sure that every student submitted their file individually and handled conflicts (if any).

Placement in Course

You can find the video introducing the exercise here.